Top 7 Foods That Can Affect Your Kidney Health

Top 7 Foods That Can Affect Your Kidney Health
Top 7 Foods That Can Affect Your Kidney Health

Kidneys are still active. They release waste products and excess fluid from your body. They also maintain salt and potassium levels in the body. The kidneys release hormones that help regulate blood pressure and support the production of red blood cells.

High blood pressure can damage the small blood vessels in the kidneys, making it difficult for them to do their job. If you have diabetes, unused blood sugar can also damage your kidneys.

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Here are Top 7  foods that can affect your kidney health:

7.Dairy Products

The problem with dairy products is similar to that of other animal proteins. Consumption of dairy products leads to increased levels of calcium in the urine, which is strongly linked to the formation of kidney stones.

Dairy products are excellent sources of protein, but if you have kidney disease, it is important that you take protein from different types of foods, including milk and dairy products. Poor kidney function can cause waste substances to remain in the body after the protein has been metabolized and endanger your health.



Under the influence of caffeine, urine fluid takes up an element such as sodium from the body. This effect also occurs in relation to calcium.

With many coffee drinks, coffee causes a significant loss of body fluids, which is a significantly impaired absorption of calcium, sodium, and potassium, all of which together result in the development of kidney stones.

5.Sodas and beverages

Colorful soda drinks

Soft drinks are known to increase the level of salt in the blood and thus endanger kidney health by encouraging them to excrete too much protein needed for the body to function.

It should also be remembered that soft drink sugar increases the kidney’s sensitivity to angiotensin II, a protein that regulates salt levels, which promotes the return of salt to the kidneys, thereby increasing the risk of developing diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, and high blood pressure.

4.Red meat

There are many explanations as to why red meat has become unhealthy. Firstly, the fat in red meat contains an increasing amount of contaminants, and secondly, frying and grilling produce compounds that are mutagenic and carcinogenic in meat. An abundance of saturated animal fat increases the risk of developing breast and colorectal cancer.

Red meat contains purine at high levels, which produces uric acid by stimulation. The kidney has the capacity and function to treat uric acid as waste. But getting too much purine can lead to the development of painful stones.



When we drink alcohol, we often don’t consider how much is appropriate for good health. The habit of drinking too much alcohol leads to kidney damage. Alcohol contains toxins that can be harmful to the kidneys.


2.Table Salt

Too much salt in your food can lead to high blood pressure and even damage your kidneys.

Fresh or dried herbs contribute to the refinement of taste and further increase the vitamin and mineral content in food. It is therefore much healthier to use herbs instead of cooking salt.


1.Artificial sweeteners

The fact is that we all eat too much sugar and therefore endanger our health. Sugar is a major cause of tooth decay, and the thickness it can cause increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gallstones, spinal problems, and arthritis.